The Offensive Line By Paul Archer



What can one say about the Offensive Line position in football? It’s a position that doesn’t accumulate any stats, it’s a position that gets little to no recognition, and a position that often times gets little respect. They say that the offence wins games, but how many games do you think the offence can win if the Offensive Line doesn’t give the Quarter Back time to throw the ball and allow the Receivers to catch it or make holes for the Running Back. The Offensive Line is by far the most important position on the field, because it is the only position that requires the whole unit to work together as one in order for the play to succeed. To play on the Offensive Line is to play with brothers, you are a family with a bond that other teammates wish they had. Not everyone can play this position because it takes a certain mental and physical aspects that make for a good Lineman. Let’s just see what they are:

•You need to be able to control, focus, and direct your aggression as losing
control will cost you and your team many yards in penalties and you’ll see
yourself sitting on the bench. And even though this high level of aggression is
taking place you still need to be able to keep your cool and operate with a clear

•You need to be athletic and coordinated. This position is the front lines of the
battle and unfortunately because you have the advantage of knowing where the
play is going and the snap count, that while the play is happening you are
Restricted in how you can get the job done. Power, Agility, and Quickness are
very important to an Offensive Lineman.

•You need to be smart and be able to think on your feet because even if you
know the play and snap count, the defence is able to move around send blitzes
or stunt. All this happens in a matter of micro seconds and a good Lineman
should be able to react instantly to what is happening. An audible can also make
things confusing so make sure you know your playbook.

•As previously mentioned the Offensive Line is like a family out there so you
need to have a good personality. Most Linemen tend to be jokers on the team
and like to have fun. With that said you don’t want to be that guy with a bad
attitude or bringing everyone down because you’ll quickly find you’re an outcast
of the group.

•Finally you need to have passion; I can’t overstate this aspect enough. The
passion you have is a passion for the game and not the stats. You want to go out
there and just dominate from the first whistle to the last to have that look in your
eyes when that Defensive Lineman looks at you and he knows he’s about to get
his butt handed to him.

So I finish by saying if you’re reading this post and you like what you are reading then you just might have the attributes need to play Offensive Line. And, if you do decide to play on the line, let me be the first to say Welcome”, now let’s go have some fun.

By Paul Archer

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