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For New Parents

How IRONWILL FOOTBALL Can help an athlete

We provide fundamental and advanced football skills and positional instruction.

We have unbelievable coaches who are former or current Canadian university football players. We have also had professional players as guest coaches.

Players will understand the details, the importance of, and, the specific important roles and responsibilities of each position.

Players will receive positive coaching and positive reinforcements so that they grow in self-confidence and self-esteem.

Cancellation Policy

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What to Bring to Camp

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The Parent Pathway

Who is our Camp Director?

I am a football enthusiast who has a passion to coach, develop and lead players to success on and off the field. Football played a big role in my life and football has given me endless positive opportunities. With the leadership and great connections that I got from  great coaches I have a passion  to offer the same for a younger generation.

There is nothing better to me knowing that I can use my passion for football to help shape young athletes on and off the field.

Why are you passionate about camp, Coach Burris?

I am passionate about the power of an athletic camp because of what summer camp did for me when I was young. At camp, I was surrounded by positive people who allowed me to experience things outside of my everyday life,

Camp has played a huge role in shaping me into the person I am now. I want others to have the same positive, life changing experiences that I had.

I have learned one big lesson on my journey: The same dedication and effort that was required of me when I was a student-athlete, is the same dedication and effort required to be successful off the field.

For example: During university, making a monthly financial budget to ensure I could afford my meals or pay rent. Financial budgeting is still something I practice and it is an important part of living a successful life.

In my university classes, while balancing academics and athletics, I had to be responsible for my getting to all my classes and maintain by grade point average. Without this I would not be eligible to play football.  Like in the rest of life, a professor will not call mom and dad because you skipped classes! This is similar to being in the workforce. You have to be accountable to your co-workers and work hard to maintain your employment.

What is your hope for each camper?

I want each camper to have a crystal clear understanding of the game of football and what it takes to prepare physically and mentally to perform on the field. I also would like to player to understand the importance of teamwork, accountability and leadership as these are characters traits that will help the campers be successful on and off the field.

I want every camper’s self confidence and self-esteem to be up lifted by the time camp has concluded. There is nothing better than seeing campers leave our programs with new energy and a positive perspective of self worth.

Why does IRONWILL FOOTBALL camp exist?

The camp exists because there is a need for high quality football and leadership instruction. Camp is meant to give players additional instruction about the game, the positions, and the rules of the game. The football season is too short for a player to really understand the game so we use our camp to teach how to execute position techniques, understand game situations and have a better understanding of football terminology.

In what place (or time of the day) do people most FEEL the essence of your camp?

There are a few times during the day when players feel the essence of camp:

  • In the mornings when we do our morning pledge the players really come together and it helps set the tone for the day
  • When we have our positional skill session players love the in-depth coaching we provide. You can see the players confidence rise when they get a moment of clarity.  
  • Lastly, at the end of camp, when players and parents come up and thank the staff for putting on a great program. You can really tell how much the players and parents really value and appreciate the camp.

Will my child be safe at IRONWILL FOOTBALL camp?

Yes, we hand pick our staff and one of the first things we discuss is the safety of the campers. The players are youth before athletes and making them feel welcomed and secure is our priority.

We start off each of our camp programs with an ice breaker activity so that everyone can feel comfortable and know the names of the people they will be spending time with. We foster a positive and friendly atmosphere at the IRONWILL FOOTBALL Performance camps.

What if our child is uncomfortable at camp?

It is perfectly normal for a child or teen to be uncomfortable in a new situation – like camp.

For campers who are nervous our staff make them feel welcome and noticed. We have a meet-and-greet time as well as a get-to-know-you  session before we start any football drills.

This helps our athletes to get comfortable and cuts down any  nervousness in the campers. Our approach is to get the kids learning and having fun right away.

How will you look after our camper’s physical needs?

Camper will have numerous water and bathroom break throughout the camp day. We have a lunch session where campers will eat and hydrate.

How will you respect his/her differences and his/her beliefs?

We respect and welcome all differences and beliefs at camp. At IRONWILL FOOTBALL camps we foster a family environment and we stress that everyone is equal.

Will you challenge her/him in a safe environment?

Our program is designed to challenge every player in a safe physical and mental environment. We will never compromise the safety our players. We provide frequent, mandatory water breaks and we make it clear, everyday, that players should consult the coaches if they feel sick, faint or unable to participate. If we find that the pace of camp is too high we make adjustments to the session tempo.

During summer camp: Sunscreen must be applied and a hat must be packed everyday. Depending on the heat, we will take more frequent breaks or move sessions into a shaded area. There is always a water cooler on site for player to fill up their water bottles, and coaches take time to remind the younger athletes to drink lots of water.

How will you make sure she/he is not bullied and that he/she makes friends?

Bullying is not tolerated at the IRONWILL FOOTBALL Camps. If bullying takes place, coaches will find a solution to help the  bullying to stop. If the behaviour continues, the bullying camper or campers will be ask to withdraw from the camp.

Will my son or daughter be noticed in the middle of all of that running around?

Everyone of our players will be coached on where they need to improve their skills.   Their success is our primary concern.. NO camper is left behind.

What new skills will our camper learn?

The campers will come away learning many new football and leadership techniques. We teach football fundamentals and progress to advanced skills. Our coaching approach teaches the skills that allows the player to connect fundamentals and advanced expertise.

Will he/she learn self-management skills?

Yes, campers have every right to stand up for themselves and ask questions at any point during the day at camp. Players who need a water or washroom break let a coach know and head off the field to look after their needs. We will make this expectation clear at the beginning of each IRONWILL FOOTBALL camp.

Will you teach him/her independence?

We teach the players that being proactive and dependant on their teammates, in developing their skills, is vital to their success on the field. We always ask “Will you put in the work on your own when the coaches are not around to coach you?

Will you be good role models of environmental stewardship?

At both our indoor and outdoor camps our motto is: leave camp the way we found it or in better condition. We talk about respecting the environment by keeping the area tidy and clean.

Will he/she feel part of a community?

Yes, our camps are a family-first community. By taking away the nervousness and uncertainty with warm welcoming staff, we make sure everyone from parents to campers feel welcomed at IRONWILL FOOTBALL.

Will he/she interact with older leaders?

Yes, at camp we stress that our older campers take leadership roles. We ask our old players to encourage, interact, and be positive towards the younger players.

Will she/he have good role models?

Our staff are not only hired to be football coaches. Just as importantly, our coaches must act in a professional manner and provide leadership to the players.

Will IRONWILL FOOTBALL make my son or daughter a better person?

At IRONWILL FOOTBALL camps we challenge our campers during the time they spend with us. There will be both skills and drills that the player has never done before. Each camper-athlete’s  confidence will improve during the session as they start to master the skills. The new confidence empowers the players on and off of the football field.

Will you use your talents and time for the benefit of my child?

By providing crystal clear coaching instructions in a positive manner we will allow your son/daughter to benefit from their time at IRONWILL FOOTBALL. Our coaches have passion to teach your athletes and players feel the energy from our coaching approach.

Will she/he learn problem-solving skills?

Problem solving comes from communication and the curiosity to find a solution. We encourage our campers to ask as many questions as they need to make sure there is no misunderstanding. As coaches, we want to campers to leave our program with a crystal-clear understanding of their positions and the game of football.

Will you respect her/him and teach her/him to respect others?

We have a family-first approach at IRONWILL FOOTBALL. This is why we do ice breakers and spend time to get to know each other before we start teaching football skills. Respecting yourself and respecting others is something we highly value at camp.

Will our son/daughter take risks and try new things?

Yes, the camper will take risks. This is what improves their confidence, self-esteem, leadership, and football skills.

Will our son or daughter learn the golden rule?

The effort and hard work a camper dedicates to becoming a better football player will be the same effort required to be successful in the classroom, and in everyday life.

Do you have a question that was not answered?