The Offensive Line By Paul Archer


  What can one say about the Offensive Line position in football? It’s a position that doesn’t accumulate any stats, it’s a position that gets little to no recognition, and a position that often times gets little respect. They say that the offence wins games, but how many games do you think the offence can win if the Offensive Line doesn’t give the Quarter Back time to throw the ball and allow the Receivers to catch it or make holes for the Running Back. The Offensive Line is by far the most important position on the field, because it is the only position that requires the whole unit to work together as one in order for the play to succeed. To play on the Offensive Line is to play with brothers, you are a family with a bond that other teammates wish they had. Not everyone can play this position...

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4 ways to ruin your college football scholarship chances


In order to play football at the next level you have to be a student first. Academics is your life line when trying to play football at the university level in Canada or when trying to obtain a division one athletic scholarship in the NCAA. Remember academics is priority. Enjoy this article by Steve Faber!

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We are asked by parents and players what to expect when playing football at the next level after high school?


Enjoy this short interview from a player who recently made the move to the junior level. Learning from others experiences is a great learning tool. Players are never to young to understand what is required to play at the next level. If you have additional questions about playing football after high school contact  

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