IRONWILL FOOTBALL Performance Trench Camp 2016


IRONWILL FOOTBALL Performance Trench Camp 2016 was a success with linemen using the weekend to improve their skills and their football intelligence. With a small group size, it allowed the coaches to give the players more one on one time to teach linemen skills.

This year we changed up the program and we added a situational plays session were we broke down running and pass plays. We taught the players both offensive and defensive objectives and then taught them how to execute and counter the play.

Overall the players efforts were outstanding and the athletes stayed coachable the entire weekend. These types of camps lay the foundation for skill development. Players are given the tools they need to grow as linemen and will see further improvement in their skills as they continue to practice and put the extra time and effort to get better.

To all of the award winners this weekend **congratulations!

We would like to thank the coaches for their time and dedication along with a big thank you to The Calgary Colts and The Athlete Factory for the prizes for the camp.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at the IRONWILL FOOTBALL Trench Camp 2017.

Coach Burris