This is camp specific to players who play in the lineman position. Offensive and defensive linemen will go through a series of positional fundamentals, game situations, and footwork drills to improve their skills. The camp will break down the technical aspect of both offensive and defensive line position, such as the “line of scrimmage keys” and “front identification”. Players will be grouped according to age and ONLY work with their specific age group during controlled-contact drills.

Required equipment:

  • Practice Jersey
  • Helmet
  • Shoulder pads
  • Mouth guard
  • Running shoes and football cleats

Camp Features:

Offensive Line skills developed at the Linemen Performance Camp:

  • Correct Offensive Line stance and take off
  • Identify Defensive Line fronts
  • Run and pass blocking fundamentals
  • Correct double teams, pulling and kick out blocking techniques
  • Kick and post
  • Zone blocking schemes
  • One-on-One drills

Defensive Line skills developed at the Linemen Performance Camp:

  • Defensive Line stand and take off.
  • Identify offensive formations.
  • Correct pass rush technique.
  • Hands and escape techniques.
  • Learn run and pass blocking keys. Defeating run and pass blocking.
  • Correct stunt techniques.
  • One on One drills.