Curtis Woodley, BA

Curtis Woodley, BA

Head of Strength and Conditioning. Receivers/ Defensive back Specialist

Curtis Woodley played a major role on the Saint Mary’s Championship team in 2002 and as runner up in the 2003 Vanier Cup as wide receiver and as a special teams returner. Curtis’ success stems from his great work ethic and his passion to develop as a football player. Curtis was looked at by his teammate’s as a leader and has found himself helping them train during the off-season doing various workouts. In 2007, Curtis transferred to the University of Calgary to complete his B.A. in Psychology. Curtis had the privilege of playing out his 5th year with the University Calgary Dino’s under Coach Nill. He played defensive back and stood out on special teams, leading the team in special team tackles.

Curtis currently works as personal trainer in Calgary Alberta. He continues to help young athletes and adults through strength and conditioning programs.

Curtis’ Accomplishments

2002- Vanier Cup Champion
2003- Atlantic conference champion, Vanier Cup Finalist
2004- Selected to East West Bowl
2005- Atlantic University Sport All Star
2009- St. John’s Ambulance CPR Certification

Coach Interview

Talk about your playing career and football accomplishments and football teams you played for?
My football life began in Ontario as a member of the Oshawa Hawkeyes football program and from there I played 4 years with the St. Mary’s University Huskies as a slot back, wide receiver and special teams specialist before moving to defensive back under then Head Coach Blake Nill. After becoming national champion in 2002, Vanier Cup finalist in 2003 and East/West Bowl All-Star in 2004, I was awarded a conference All-Star in 2005. After tearing my ACL that same season, I went through successful rehabilitation before transferring and returning to football in fall 2006 as a member of the University of Calgary Dinos. I helped that team earn a playoff game against the Bisons of Manitoba before retiring from football in 2008.

What is your coaching background and any coaching clinics or development course you have taken?
My coaching background began when I was a summer camp coach with the SMU Huskies in 2003-2005. I moved to Calgary as a Strength and Conditioning coordinator with the Calgary Dinos’ summer athlete development program in 2007. I spent the bulk of the last ten years developing myself into a knowledgeable professional on all things pertaining to health, fitness and wellness, applying all I learned to better impact athletes at all levels.

Why do you enjoy coaching football?
Coaching is the strongest opportunity to use the knowledge and skills accumulated over time to help make newer and better athletes and young persons. My ultimate goal is to impact these young person’s early and instill in them values and tools that will help influence them in positive ways in the future. Our future is bright with the youth that are up and coming, both as athletes and humans, and I want to help them be or have the opportunity to be their best selves.

Early, often, and, for as long as they desire.

What is one thing players should know about you as a coach?
I’m demanding. I’m demanding of myself more than anyone else when it comes to most things. My high standards are set for me and I work with others to assist them in developing the standards that will allow them to evolve into the better version of themselves. As a football coach, I want the athletes to learn constantly about themselves and the sport. I am a work-ethic-based individual and it comes out in my expectations for the athletes.

Beside being a great football coach, are there any other skills you hope to develop in the athletes you coach at the IRONWILL FOOTBALL Camps?
I want them to increase their physical literacy, awareness and understanding of themselves as persons and athletes, to allow them to better create the direction of the future they want after IRONWILL.